Abhishek Kumar

Founder of Stardust Family

“The magic you adore is in your eyes! The love you need is in your heart! The wisdom you want is in your mind! It’s the journey within you seek not with-out! You are what you are searching for! You are the truth!” – Abhishek Kumar

Why do we make everything so complicated!? Our creator gave us a very simple beautiful life and surrounded us with this amazing nature. We on the other hand instead of enjoying our life, made it all so complicated that we don’t even get time to meet ourselves. FIND YOU OWN TRUE SELF & GIVE LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE TO THAT TRUE SELF!! Keep YOURSELF HAPPY, it’s all that really matters. ― Abhishek Kumar

“Do not run away from the problem. The problem with denying the problem is that it also denies the solution. Face it, it’ll go away.”

“The universe has designed us on purpose to who we are! We are God’s MASTERPIECE!”

“We’ve got exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny!”

~ UNIVERSE LOVES YOU & SO DO I ❤ #StardustAK ❤ ❤ Find more quotes on GoodReads


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